Which Gym Shoes to Invest in Next!

I couldnt be happier that active wear is becoming more and more accessible - for years Ive put off going to the gym simply because I couldnt afford all the high tech garments those fitness fanatics adorn themselves in day after day. I wanted to take part in the healthy movement, but I felt like there wasnt enough active wear on the market to cater for all walks of life - especially those on a tight budget!

I was always a massive fan of Nike trainers and last Christmas I decided to treat myself to some in the hope it would encouragement me to join the local fitness centre. Its amazing how much a new pair of shoes can motivate you, and Ive been training weekly ever since. I still wear cheap knock-off look-a-like sports bras and leggings from high street retailers, but Im totally cool with that because at the end of the day, Im not a hardcore exerciser and all Im doing is sweating in them, so the fancy gear doesnt appeal with those price tags. However, investing in some quality footwear really has helped me enhance both my comfort and performance. I think its so important to look after your feet well, especially when attempting cardiovascular exercises that massively impact them.

Ive been looking into purchasing a second pair of trainers - Im extremely happy with my Nikes, but  I wanted to try out another brand this time - thats when I heard about Skechers shoes. Skechers are an American footwear brand that specialises in performance shoes for men, women and children. The company is globally recognised in the footwear industry, having produced some of the most practical and eye catching designs of the century. Available in over 160 countries throughout department stores, independent shops and online, Skechers will bring bounce to the balls of your feet!

Not to mention, their reverberant prints and technologically advanced designs are on rungs above the rest! Take a look at some of these irresistible looks from the current Skechers collection

These insanely bold fashion statements are driven by the performance of an athletes feet as well as being influenced by print and pattern trends with the fashion and active wear industry, making them the ideal trainer for style conscious gym-goers.
I was enjoying the hunt for Skechers so much that I ended up on a couple of their distributors websites and found even more gorgeous prints from the likes of companys such as John Martins Shoes.  Here are some of my favorite additional discoveries

Lightweight and softly textured, these floral beauties are the perfect trainer for the summer seasons! They’re so cute that you couldn't definitely pull them off for casual outings that involve no sports at all! Team with a 90’s inspired denim skirt and tee for casual cool with a vibrant twist!

These rainbow flex appeal Skechers are built with mesh fabric uppers for breathability and have a memory foam insole for maximized comfort when taking part in your activities. This candy coloured design looks yummy enough to eat!

For more of a subtle edge, opt for these leopard print and coral Skechers - harnessing the same shock absorbent technology as the others, but with less aesthetic shock! A more muted design for a conscious runner.
These bad boys are the perfect companion for city walks and sight seeing! the Gogo mat insole provides lasting comfort for feet going through a strenuous day of being attached to an eager tourist! The neon coloured uppers and laces still are a unique and funky addition to the smart shoes.

- JP

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