Jackie Warner's 'This is Why You're Fat' - Why you should read it.

Jackie Warner, the fitness personality probably best known to the masses for her show 'Workout' on Bravo, now has a slew of helpful easy to read workout books and even health products available on her website www.JackieWarner.com.  I have now read a couple of her books on my iPad, and have even tried her H20 Boosters that are mentioned in a separate book... for now, we will focus on the book This is Why You're Fat (And how to get thin forever).

In TIWYF (yes, I'm that lazy), Jackie focuses on the science that causes your body to react to certain types of foods, such as sugar.  Instead of saying 'don't eat this' or 'don't eat that' this book tells you in a very clear and easy to understand manner exactly how ingredients like sugar attack your system.  You do not have to have a science-based brain or be a professional trainer to understand just what is happening internally, anyone will understand these logical stats.  It is great motivation in itself, and not in a scare you to death kind of way.
Style Athletics Jackie Warner This Is Why You're Fat Book
But more importantly, the accompanying food plan is not about depriving yourself.  In fact, Jackie tells you to begin by eating MORE! Yes, I said more.  In the beginning stages, she wants her readers to focus on adding in the good foods, on top of whatever you are currently eating... even if it's your daily donuts.  The idea is that you will begin subconsciously training your body into desiring the apple versus the donut.  And if you are anything like me, a full fledge deprivation 'diet' is not going to work.  This is truly about creating a way of life rather than dieting.

Your metabolism will thank you if you pick up this book, so give it a shot.  There are a lot of other great tips and useful information.

In Jackie's words... 'Being fat isn't your fault, staying fat is!'  Love it!

And stay tuned for a summary on her other book, 10 Pounds in 10 Days.


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