Marshalls Shopping Trip - Winter Wear

I had a very successful (or a failure if you ask my credit card) trip to Marshalls yesterday... and then AGAIN today.  Don't judge me.  Below you will find the nice and cheap but cute long sleeve items I purchased for this upcoming chilly season.  

Climawear Blue Long Sleeve Compression     $14.99

This top is also ironically a 'look for less' find!  The blue is more vibrant than it appears, and fits super well.  Stretchy material that only comes in sizes S/M and L/XL (same with the other Climawear below).

AStyle Athletics Blue Climawear Long Sleeve               Style Athletics Blue Climawear Long Sleeve
So you can't tell me the top I bought above doesn't look VERY similar to the one below from Lululemon right? It has the thumb holes and everything! Lulu top runs $68!

Style Athletics Purple Lululemon Long Sleeve                  Style Athletics Purple Lululemon Long Sleeve

It may not look exciting in the pictures, but this top fits super well and the material almost has a 'pearlescent' finish. I'm excited.  I do find it ironic that a more well known company (UA) runs less expensive at Marshalls than the Climawear which I've never really heard of before finding it a Marshalls over the years.

Style Athletics Mint Green Blue Under Armour Long Sleeve Compression              Style Athletics Mint Green Blue Under Armour Long Sleeve Compression

Climawear Pink 'Henley' Compression     $14.99

The details barely show in these pictures, boo, but this is a super soft material and a very flattering color.  PS, the color is closer to the picture on the right.

Style Athletics Pink Climawear Long Sleeve           Style Athletics Pink Climawear Long Sleeve

And the cherry on top....
Kyodan Teal Jacket     $29.99

Have you ever seen a jacket with a cuter back?  I believe Lululemon had a black jacket similar to this at one point.  But at $30, this is a FRACTION of the cost.  I already have a million black jackets so I went with this vibrant (doesn't really show as well on here) teal, but it also comes in black.

Style Athletics Kyodan Long Sleeve Teal Aqua Pleated JacketStyle Athletics Kyodan Long Sleeve Teal Aqua Pleated JacketStyle Athletics Kyodan Long Sleeve Teal Aqua Pleated Jacket

You will see me mention Kyodan rather frequently.  They have no website and the only places I have EVER found the product is at Marshalls and TJMAXX.  They are super cheap but cute AND flattering workout clothes, but it remains a mystery.  If someone out there knows who the hell makes it or what stores actually carry the whole line... please let me know!!!! : (


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