Kyodan Apparel on eBay

Boy do you ladies love the Kyodan.  My stats tell me that it is my most popular topic... although I am not surprised.  I was/am one of those hopefuls who scoured the interwebs for the elusive Kyodan brand, to no avail, as I suspect you have all found.

How this brand remains a mystery is beyond me, in the beginning I figured it HAD to be some random company that couldn't make it in the big leagues and was just selling of the remaining product through the Marshalls and TJMaxx world, but that was a couple years ago... and it's still here!  I can only imagine one of two things is happening with this brand: 1. some super rich woman wanted to make her own amazing athletic line and could not care less if it sells, 2. they need a new marketing person.  WHY DON'T THEY HAVE A WEBSITE?!?!?

Alas, we remain in search, but luckily enough people in the world have found Kyodan in stores, and it's not available on eBay. BUT, and it's a big BUT, the prices aren't exactly what you are looking for.  The typical prices which usually only span $16.99-24.99 are at least at that level if not higher.  I saw a pair of pants going for $45, well above the norm.  Supply and demand folks, supply and demand.

I guess if you are one of those unlucky folks who have heard of this 8th wonder of the world and don't have a Marshalls or TJMaxx nearby, head on over to eBay because it's pretty much your only option at this point.


Here are some of the current eBay items:

Style Athletics Kyodan Blue Tank Top

Style Athletics Kyodan Black Tennis Running Skirt

Style Athletics Kyodan Purple Tank Top

Style Athletics Kyodan Hot Pink Yoga Pants Leggings
Style Athletics Kyodan Headbands Orange Turquoise Black

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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