Reebok Women Jacket and Pant Review - Rose Camo Print

Reebok is one of those classic apparel companies that you think about from your younger years.  Or perhaps depending on how old you are, maybe you really hadn't thought of Reebok as trendy or truly athlete centered until recently.  Pah-lease, we ALL remember the age of the Reebok Easy Toner shoe! (For the record, no it does not appear they make them any longer.)  But since Reebok partnered with CrossFit five years ago as part of a ten year deal, it seems they have revitalized the brand and as far as women's athletic apparel, they are definitely trying to add style into their pieces.
A couple years ago, during a pant test (you know... bend over, squat, etc.) I found a pair that well, did not stand up to the movement standards.  Yuck.  But, I decided to give it another chance when I found  a pair of Reebok's Skinny Leggings.  I was pleasantly surprised that they passed the stretch test this go around, fit nicely throughout, kept 'everything' in tight, and maybe most importantly, did not give any dreaded muffin top!  Sure they are boring black, but everyone needs some boring pants in their life so they can showcase their crazy printed tops.  And that brings us to the top half of the outfit.
Along with the leggings, I found the exciting little jacket that I call the Rose Camo Print.  In reality it is more of a geometric with flowers on it, but some random dude at a bar (yes I wore it to a bar!) asked me if I was wearing camo, um no.  Anyway, the jacket.  This cute Reebok Jacket is different shade of gray geometric shapes with white and gray flowers.  The sleeves have thumb holes which I always like for some reason.  There are mesh panels under the arm and around the back which not only are functional, but also add to the detail.  Zips up the front.

While on a business trip this past week, it was rather chilly and rainy, I only had dress clothes, one pair of jeans and workout clothes with me, so I threw on some ankle jeans, booties, white tank top, the Reebok rose jacket and a soft hooded Calvin Klein vest (I'll show you that soon because I'm OBSESSED!).  It made for a cute, but comfortable little number.
You can shop the Reebok store here.  And you know you can always custom color your shoes!
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