Which Wardrobe Do You Spend More On? Work or Workout?

Style Athletics explores which wardrobe is more expensive.  Workout or work?
Which wardrobe in your life costs more?  Your work clothes or your workout clothes?  I had a rather funny realization the other day.  I was going about to go to dinner with my roommate who was wearing normal clothes, and when I looked down at myself just getting home from the gym I realized… my workout outfits cost more than most of my regular, every day and work clothes!  Is that not sad?

When you really think about it, unless of course you wear expensive clothes every day (you can ignore this post), then add it all up.  So here it goes, two fictional outfits that I wear on a somewhat normal basis (no the pictures don't match the list, you'll get over it I promise).  Completely different price points! Ugh. Damn you activewear industry, you got us!
Style Athletics explores which wardrobe is more expensive.  Workout or work?


Shoes: Reebok Nanos - $ 120
Crop Leggings: Lululemon - $78
Top: Kyodan - $20 (thank God it wasn’t a Lulu top kind of day)
Sports Bra: Lululemon Free to Be Wild - $38 (because I’m convinced, if you don’t own one you’re not allowed in a CrossFit)
No-Show Underwear: Victoria’s Secret - $15
Socks: Target - $2 (woohoo!)
- - - - -
Extra but totally necessary crap you use at the gym that day.
Lifting Shoes: Reebok Lifters - $150
Wrist Wraps: Beastette - $20
Style Athletics explores which wardrobe is more expensive.  Workout or work?

Gym Bag: Le Sportsac - $90
And if it's rope climb day you'll need your cool sox from Sox Box!

That's $273, PLUS $260 with the extras for a total of:


Top: Romeo & Juliet Couture (Hautelook) - $35
Jeans: NY & Company - $40 (because that place is AWAYS on sale!)
Bra: C9 Target - $15 (because you want to be comfortable and hate underwires… haha no? I’m the only one?)
Underwear: Victoria’s Secret - $15
Shoes: Vince Camuto (Hautelook) - $60
Purse: Betsey Johnson - $50
(although I totally wore a dress and sandals the other day that totaled $35 together, so it could be WAY less)

Total $215

So really it’s not ‘funny’ in a haha kind of way so much as a oh dear lord, why?!?!?! kind of way.  So the next time you judge someone on rocking their workout outfit to dinner… consider the fact that they may actually be wearing an outfit that costs more than a ball gown!

CrossFit, the most expensive sport you could ever ‘play’. Shit man.

Please note that was not an exact science and will not be the same for everyone, so please don't hurt me if it does not apply to you the same.

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Soooo what do you think? Which one are you actually spending more on?

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