Three Nutz Baking Co. Paleo and Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Sadly, we are not back, but we did make a promise to a friend that once their company was up and running we would post the info.

We are soooo excited that the Three Nutz Chocolate Chip Kookie (cookie) Mix is now for sale.  We've had tons of them, and they are AMAZING!  Whether or not you are paleo or gluten-free, these mixes will help you get your sweet cravings covered in a healthier manner.

So be sure to go and buy a mix.  You can make 2 dozen cookies in just minutes.  You know how many times you try to make a healthy recipe and they turn out like crap the first 20 times... you don't have to worry about that now!  BUY THEM HERE!!  And be sure to like them on Facebook and Follow on Instagram @threenutz

Photos from Three Nutz

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