The Look For Less - Cosmic and Clouds Sports Bras

Here is another great look for less for ya... sorry that it is once again a sports bra.  BUT, it was an accident because I bought one of these yesterday.

Can you tell which one is more?  No I know they aren't identical, but they are similar concepts.
Target C9 Aqua Cosmic Sports Bra
Reebok Cloud Sports Bra
So which is which?  Well I am sure you are familiar with the Reebok Cloud line right?  That one of course is at the bottom, available all over the internet, but it is available from Without Walls for $38... not too outrageous compared to some.

The top one however is the one I bought.  From Target.  For $4.80!!!!!!!!!  It was on the clearance rack AMAZING.  I think it's even cuter than the Reebok option because of the front gathering.  Anyway, it's on the Target website for $12.74, but check your local store's clearance racks and maybe you will get lucky too!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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