In Stores - Target Workout Clothes

What trip to Target would be complete without a jaunt through the fitness section?  None, that's what.  Anyway, I have always liked their sports bras, while they may be the only 'simple' thing in my workout wardrobe, they are in many, many colors, but they seem to have some cute stuff lately.  Perhaps they have been inspired to step up their game like we were discussing last week.  By now you know I have a new $4.80 sports bra from there!!! Woohoo. 
Target C9 Aqua Cosmic Sports Bra Blue
But I snapped some shots of some other exciting things.  There is obviously more available, and each store will be different (try their website for the best selection, although the clearance deals are to be had in the physical stores.).
Target C9 Gray Black Gathering Sports Bra Style Athletics

Style Athletics Pink Target C9 Tank TopStyle Athletics Purple Target C9 Tank Top

Style Athletics Pink Black Gathering Target C9 Crop Capri PantsStyle Athletics Snake and Yellow Target C9 Tank Top

Style Athletics Hot Pink Orange Target C9 Tank Top


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