How to choose the right gym - Part 1

Since choosing the right gym which will properly fit your wants and needs is such an important decision, I felt it was a good time for my first multi-part series of posts.  So we'll see how many it turns into, but it will definitely be more than one, so stay tuned after this program.

So where do you start?

I'd say, you are gonna have to figure out the needs of course.  So ask yourself a few questions:
- What are my fitness goals?
- What type of environment do I prefer... do you like to be left alone or do you want to be with a group?
- What types of workouts am I looking for?  Hours on the elliptical, hot yoga, CrossFit, pole fitness, barre, kickboxing, etc. (So many choices these days!)
- How much am I willing to spend per month or year?
- Do I have the drive to workout on my own or do I need the push of a trainer or group?
and the most important points to remember if you are currently at a gym... what DON'T I like about my current place? 

There are many other questions that you will need to figure out before making your final decision, but that will get you started.  My driving factor when I made a big switch last year was the final one I mentioned... what I didn't like anymore.  I had been with my last CrossFit gym for 5 years and was one of the original 10 members.  It was what changed both with them and myself that led me to leave.  (Side note:  I also changed jobs, bought a house and ex-communicated some not-so-great friends all within a three month period of this)

So what were MY desirables?
- Needed to be a CrossFit because I have absolutely no internal push if it is just a big box gym.  I have a 24 Hour Fitness within 5 minutes, but I never went.  When I have a group of people who I have to report to every time I show up 'where were you?' guilt trips do the trick.
- It HAD to have GREAT coaching.  I'm not just talking educated trainers, I also wanted people who were passionate about their craft.  The people who want to constantly learn more and who want to pass along their knowledge.  Of course the demand for great form was essential, but the desire to be there really and truly makes or breaks your experience.
- It had to be FUN!!!  Seriously.  Why wouldn't you want to enjoy your workout?  I don't need a second job.  For any workout that tears your body down and pushes you to your limits, it needs to be fun at the same time... or you'd stop doing it.

My old gym had some great people back in its day.  We were a small group and we all had fun, but over the years so much changed.  It wasn't fun anymore and I wasn't learning proper form.  So I left.  Since joining my new 'box' I've met a lot of great athletes and coaches, and I've never been stronger.

Next time we will touch on what to look for in your potential gym... regardless of what type it is.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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