Meet Lineagewear - Made to Order Workout Pants at a Great Price!

Update to this post:  Lineagewear just released some new prints today!! 5/28

I wanted to introduce you to another Instagram follower, Lineagewear.  I just have to say I love the concept!  They make all of their pants as you order them and you get to choose the pattern and length in addition to size.  How cool right?!?  And the best part, at $45 the are super reasonable.... which is why I just placed my order for this print in the capri cut! Woohoo!

Lineagewear Pants Capris Legging Print The Color Run
The Color Run Legging
Here are some other currently available prints that I loved, but from what I see on Instagram, they are always adding more or changing out some of the prints.  So if you see something you like, you better grab them now before they are gone!  Just a side note, remember that because these are hand made in NYC (not a giant factory), they will take a couple weeks to arrive.
Lineagewear Pants Capris Legging Print Mendi Lineagewear Pants Capris Legging Print Blue Peacock
 Mendi (left), Blue Peacock (right)
Lineagewear Pants Capris Legging Print Not So Basic Black
Not So Basic Black
Be sure to check out their website or follow on Instagram!  I can't wait until they arrive!!

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