How Do The Athletic Apparel Mega Giants Feel About All of These Newbies?

I was roaming around on Hautelook the other day and took a quick peek at the New Balance sale that was up for the day, and it got me thinking.  I can't even remember the last time I purchased anything made by the traditional big guys except for shoes.  You know who I'm talking about... the Nikes and Adidas of the world.  And why?  Well there are a few reasons I think, most of which includes price, fit and originality.

They are often not on sale, and even when they are, they are typically bland and not of the unique manner of which we ladies have all become accustomed to.  We are spoiled with all of the amazing brands available these days and we have come to expect more for what we pay for. Sure the Nikes of the world are working on creating more stylish pieces, and Adidas has the Stella McCartney line, but the price went way up.  New Balance has Heidi Klum's line, and again a higher price tag.  So if I'm going to pay that much anyway, I'm going to look for the more unique items, the ones that are way more fun to wear, and most importantly, are usually better fitting.

That brings me to fit and function.  I could be completely way off base with all of these statements, but I have had way better luck finding great fitting (no muffin top) pants with the smaller brands than I ever have with Nike.  Again, since I have not purchased any of late, I could be wrong.  But last time I tried them on, they had smaller waistbands and less functional materials.  Don't even get me started on their compression pants and shorts of which you have to have a body fat % of .05 or lower to not have rolls.

So I'm curious if these mega athletic giants are at all worried about all of the amazing brands that are popping up in the world.  Do they find them motivation to create similarly loved items?  I sure hope so.  I'm not suggesting the little guys are going to be able to take over Nike (and I don't think the big guys will ever go away), but they sure have found a place in many people's hearts closets.

So which do you typically purchase from?  The giants or your beloved little guys?

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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