Awesomely Cool Gym Tank Tops You Should Buy (for Me, Just Kidding, Sorta)

I'm super excited about my 'I'M AN ANIMAL' tank that is on its way from Kontrol Fate Apparel.  I figured this would be a good time to do a round up of some of my other wish list items when it comes to cute gym tops... specifically ones with writing on them.
Kontrol Fate I'm An Animal Tank Top Pink Gray
My new tank!  Which by the way is on sale right now, 50% off!! With free shipping!
So Rock Shop Excuse Me While I Powder My Hands Pink Tank Top     So Rock Shop Excuse Me While I Powder My Hands Pink Tank Top
Hero Culture Fueled By Bacon Gray Pink Tank Top
Fueled by Bacon tank from Hero Culture.  Because who doesn't love bacon???
Ruffles With Love Rise and Grind Tank Top
The 'Rise and Grind' tank from Ruffles With Love.  They have so many cute tanks with the little bow detail on them.
Strong Confident You Lift Heavy Shit Pink Tank Top
Nirvana Clothing Co. Tank Top
No Limits Sports Apparel Burpees Hate You Too Tank Top
Barbells & Ponytails Tank Top
Fit For a Belle Barbelle Doll Tank Top Black Pink
And while I may not be a Southern Belle, I do love the cute items at Fit for a Belle.

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