My New 'Line' of Clothes - Post WODle

Ok I use the term VERY loosely, but I started a 'line' of apparel called Post WODle that is hosted on Zazzle for the time being.  The name refers to the post workout waddle that we all develop thanks to incredible soreness.  Don't act like you are immune!

Anyway, there are a few fun phrases that the line focuses around, and as time passes, more will be added!  For not you can find some of the following items and phrases.  Please take a look, buy, and pass the word on to your workout friends!

My hope is that some day I can actually make this happen to where I can control the shirts that it is being printed on... I wish there was a bigger selection, especially women's tanks!

Other fun items are there too!
There is stuff for boys too, just visit the store!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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