Lululemon has case dismissed... and a post: When Will Athletics Companies Make Pants That Aren't See Through?

It is actually pretty funny that Lululemon just had their case dismissed because I was literally in the middle of writing a post about see-through workout pants.  See the article here, but read on for my post.

When will they be solid!

I really can't imagine it is that hard.  I mean yes, I get it, you (companies) have to buy more expensive fabric, but isn't it worth it if you would create returning happy customers?  I mean up until lately how much were people spending mucho dinero on Lululemon pants just because they were not see through.  And let's be honest, you know people will go right back to them.  How annoying is it when you find the cutest (but need to be functional) pair of pants, you go into the room to try it on... and the 'bend and squat' test reveals your biggest workout fears.  SEE THROUGH!

Apparently there are people in this world who don't care as you can see on this Reddit feed.  I don't get you, but to each their own I suppose.

I can't tell you how often in happens.  Even Victoria's Secret which seems to be fairly thick fabric has an issue (so depressing that my polka dot pants did it so and therefore they were not purchased), and on occasion even MPG (Mondetta Performance Gear).  I get that there are going to be occasions of white/light colored pants where yeah, I can't where my neon print no-shows under it and need to opt for a nude color... but BLACK?  COME ON PEOPLE!

Style Athletics Victoria's Secreat SPort VSX Black White Polka Dot Capri Pants
Why oh why did you have to be see through!!!
I am so curious, and I would greatly appreciate any one's expertise to know what the process is in for these companies and how they test products before releasing.  Wouldn't you go through a range of typical motions in them?  It doesn't seem to be a ridiculous request.  You know what the ladies are doing in the dressing rooms to test your product, so why not do it before you mass produce millions of shitty pants?   Maybe if you spent the extra time and money you'd sell them instead of having them eventually trickle down to the discount stores and their clearance racks.  Just saying.

So before you purchase your pants ladies, remember to bend and squat!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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