Cute Stuff at TJMAxx - MPG, Kyodan, and more!

Some cute things are at TJMaxx right now! 
Style Athletics Kyodan Headband Blue Black White Stripe Mosaic MoroccanStyle Athletics Kyodan Aztec Pants
Of course you have some patterned and solid colored Kyodan headbands and Aztec style crop pants.
Style Athletics Pink Long Sleeve Jacket
I can remember the maker of this one, but it's such a cute color of pink!
Style Athletics Black Gray Patterned Workout Pants
Look at all of those fun grey and black prints!
Style Athletics MPG Mondetta Performance Gear Black Rose Tank TopStyle Athletics MPG Mondetta Performance Gear Pink SweatshirtStyle Athletics MPG Mondetta Performance Gear Gray Hoodie Jacket Ruffle
And of course some amazing pieces from MPG!  Love their recent colors, and even the grey floral pattern they have on a few items.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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