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As some awesome people have commented, TJMaxx now offers online shopping!  Woohoo, now if I can get them to put HomeGoods items up with free shipping.  Yes I'm dreaming.  Anyway, thought I'd stumble over there for a minute to see what I could find.  I'm hoping they will grow the selection over time, but did find a few gems.  What are your thoughts?  Have you had some good finds on the site, or are you still finding your favorite goods in stores?
Style Athletics Lime Green Apana Workout Gym Bag
Apana Workout Bag in green.  It ain't cheap @ $49.99 

Style Athletics Tone on Tone Pink Striped Tank Top Balance Tech
Style Athletics Pink Purple Magenta Kyodan Rhinestone Headband
Pink and Rhinestoned Headband.  Oh, and KYODAN! $4.99
Style Athletics Patterned Kyodan Black Gray Tank TopStyle Athletics Patterned Kyodan Black Gray Tank Top
Super cute and unique printed Kyodan tank!  Only $16.99.  Please don't wear with matching pants!
Style Athletics Pink Orange Black RBX Workout Pants Capris
Unique but subtle RBX pants.  $14.99
Style Athletics Reebok Workout Shoes Pink Black Orange
Pretty cute Reebok shoes, and they match the pants above kinda! $34.99.  Flatter the soles, the better!
Style Athletics Black White Polka Dot Vogo Pants
VOGO Polka Dot Pants.  At $14.99 how could you go wrong? Unless they are see-through. Yikes.

I also found a couple AWESOME jackets, but those will be on the next post discussing the hunt for light-weight workout jackets.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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