Is the Kyodan Cat Out of the Bag?

Welp it's time to come back, and this time I'm on a health and fitness mission to get ready for a big country festival and of course river season.

For now, just a quick post to say that it appears some people have found evidence that Kyodan is in fact made by Lululemon... without the see-through drama of course!  People have begun to find Kyodan tagged apparel at the stores with the Lululemon reflective logo on the pants.  Oops.  How excited would you be if you found the $80+ Lululemon pants at Marshalls or TJMaxx for a whopping $24.99!  At that point you'd have to sell them on eBay right?  Take that money and buy 3 pairs of Kyodan pants with it.  Just saying :)

Anyway, we will do a proper introduction and re-introduction of the new Athletic Divas crew in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

While you are waiting for us to get our act together, head to your local stores, because yes, Kyodan is in stock.  They have some awesome prints right now,

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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