Patterned and Bright Workout Pants - I'm Slightly Obsessed...

A little late, but as promised...
Here are my new:

Kyodan Pants
Style Athletics Black White Brocade Mosaic Pattern Capri Pants Kyodan Style Athletics Stripe Workout Pants Yoga Blue Purple Kyodan MPG Mondetta Performance Gear
 (the Blue ones are Kyodan in the second picture)
MPG Pants
Style Athletics Stripe Workout Pants Yoga Purple MPG Mondetta Performance Gear
Note that all three are cute very similarly to Lulu!  And they all fit magically.

My bright Hind Tank (the photo does not even remotely get close to showing the actual brightness)
Style Athletics Hot Pink Hind Tank Top
And my comfy striped Calvin Klein tank... I will show you the cute later, but I'm currently wearing them : )
Style Athletics Calvin Klein Pink White Strip Tank Top Slouch Shirt

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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