FINALLY went shopping for new digs.

It's been rather hectic lately... been disliking my job, trying to start a company of my own, buying my first home (still waiting, fingers crossed)... and switched gyms!  It's been a long time coming, but I finally feel motivated again to get my but in there and kick it.  The new motivation has driven me to get some new gear, not that I 'needed' it.

As Carrie says in Sex and the City 2, I've been cheating on fashion with furniture, or at least some kitchen crap.  Hard to shop when you don't know what you actually need and the space you are working with.  Stressful!!!

BUT anyway.  For some reason I'm in a crazy pant mood.  I've been a solid black kind of girl up until now.  I mean I've always liked the concept of crazy/colored/etc. bottoms, but haven't had the courage to deal with possible sweat marks, until now.

In the last week, I have bought THREE pairs of crazy pants.  One white and black 'brocade', and two bright colored stripes.  Not to mention a few tops and sports bras, and socks.

Pictures to come, but I'm back!!

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