Songs to Workout to and Get Pumped Up!

I can't be the only one that finds music essential to the success of a workout or run.  You need to set the right tone, and for me, it's usually something that needs to pump me up.

For running, I usually stick to the main Pandora stations... I love the new feature that allows you to add in additional artists to your specialty stations.

- David Guetta (I've now added some Deadmau5, Lady Gaga and a few others)
- and a new one, Krewella... I just started on this one, so I have some editing to do still!

BUT main problem with Pandora is that you cannot use it when running a organized race.  Yes, I learned the hard way.  Spent months of perfecting my David Guetta station to get me through my half marathon, only to have crickets (figuratively speaking of course).  Why you ask?  Simply because when there are 20,000 people around you, a good handful of which are trying to use Pandora themselves... it can't find you! Major bummer!

So that's when you have to work on your iTunes (or other preferred) playlists.  For me, my list is really a catch-all for workouts, runs and the river dance parties!  Here are just a few of my go to songs or artists.

You pretty much can't go wrong with any songs from:
- David Guetta, LMFAO and Krewella obviously
- Lady Gaga
- Nicki Minaj (glad to see she's calmed her crazy looks down a bit)
- Mackelmore
- Flo Rida
- Pitbull
- Hypercrush (they are fairly unknown so far, but super fun!)

And songs I'm currently digging:
- Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
- Chasing the Sun by the Wanted
- Alive by Krewella (although it reminds me of the emo band Hellogoodbye)
- Play Hard by David Guetta

What are some of your go-to songs?

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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