Dieting vs. Your Favorite Foods

What is your take on this...?

It's a common dilemma (or at least I'd assume), you are on a 'diet' or just making better eating decisions, and the holidays or special situations come up.  Do you stop yourself, or even just substitute ingredients so that you remain in your healthy zone?  Tonight I found myself in such a situation.  I was only a short distance from my old favorite college burrito, something that would usually take well over an hour to get to... and something I haven't done (eaten) in years.

I'm of the belief that when it comes to these times (or holidays specifically) I don't hold back... and I don't feel guilty for it.  If you are good most of the time, then why not celebrate it with the foods you wait all year for?

What are your thoughts?

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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