Unconventional, But FUN Workouts!

The world is full of boring conventional workouts... ahem, you people who spend an hour on the treadmill or eliptical.  But you don't have to be sick and tired of the same ol' routine!! In fact, spending an hour on the same machine isn't even that good for you.  Although if you are just beginning, then good for you, glad you are out there and moving :)

Here is just a small list of the funny and different workouts you can do:

Hula Hooping Workouts
Every girl remembers their favorite childhood sport.  I was actually quite good at it during my younger years... I even won a contest at a birthday party for my spin and hooping skills.

Today, hula hooping is a a great ab workout.  People use weighted hoops that are available all over the internet.  You can even find hoop fitness at 24 Hour or find one online to use at home.
STyle Athletics Unconventional Fun Workouts Hula Hoops Hooping
Pole Fitness
From what I've been told this is truly a full body workout.  With the slower movements, your muscles are stressed to the max.  While you probably don't get a huge cardio burst, if you are a runner and just looking for some strength... here ya go!
STyle Athletics Unconventional Fun Workouts Pole Fitness
Hula Dancing
I haven't yet been to a hula dancing fitness class, but in college I did have a great hula fitness DVD that I rocked.  It is a fairly good cardio workout, especially for beginners, but this workout is again about muscle control and therefore offers toning benefits.
STyle Athletics Unconventional Fun Workouts Hula Dancing
Aerial Fitness
I have been DYING to try aerial fitness!  It looks so awesome, and everyone has their own Cirque dreams right?  Talk about toning and increased flexibility!
STyle Athletics Unconventional Fun Workouts Aerial Fitness Silks
and there is always trapeze!
STyle Athletics Unconventional Fun Workouts Trapeeze
Video Game Fitness
And of course for you home workout-ers, the video games like Wii Fit or Your Shape Fitness on Xbox 360 Kinect!
STyle Athletics Unconventional Fun Workouts video games

What other fun workouts have you seen out there?

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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