Lululemon Executive Now Leaving

Ok, I know I haven't been closely following the whole Lululemon Luon pant debacle, but today they announced their chief product officer would be stepping down.  They claim that it was part of a reorganization, but COME ON!  We all know there was a different reason.  You can find the full article here on MSN.  I get it and I don't... in the words of my boss (quite recently actually), SHIT HAPPENS.  If anything, they need a new public relations firm because they are the ones who allowed this to turn into a branding nightmare!

Anywho, we all still love Lululemon, let's be honest... this won't slow them down, and in 2 months, no one will even remember this happened.  The only one who will is the one who lost her job over it.

Let's move on... It's been a long time since I've been in a Lululemon or even purchased something online... and I have a little itch.

Here is some of their current offerings:

Style Athletics Lululemon Pink Dare to be Free Sports BraStyle Athletics Lululemon Floral Sports Bra

Style Athletics Lululemon

Style Athletics Lululemon Orange Tank TopYellow Long Sleeve Style Athletics Lululemon

And the cutest friggin thing I've ever seen on a sporty jacket...  The Out and About jacket!

Style Athletics Lululemon Gray Gathered Drawstring Jacket

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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