In Marshalls Stores Now - Yep, there is Kyodan!

I wound up in a Marshalls this evening, and they have a lot of great stuff, especially if you are a lover of brights!  Take a look at few of the items I saw, and get your butt in a stare ASAP.
Style Athletics 90 Degree Workout Tank Top Orange Black

Style Athletics New Balance Pink Black Floral Sports Bra

Style Athletics Pink Head Tennis Skirt

Your Kyodan fix!
Style Athletics Kyodan Blue Gray Stripe Tank Top Style Athletics Kyodan Blue Gray Stripe Tank Top

And not to mention all of the great workout goods you can get: videos, kettlebells, dumb bells, yoga mats, foam rollers and so much more!
Style Athletics Marshalls Fitness WorkoutStyle Athletics Marshalls Fitness Workout

Style Athletics Marshalls Fitness Workout

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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