Workout Clothes from Target

Everyone has their favorite workout outfit for different occasions.  These almighty little numbers must meet a variety of requirements:

1. They must function properly based on the activity... you need a different outfit for running, yoga, CrossFit, biking, swimming (yeah I know, duh!) and so on.
          - For example, I hate zippers on pants for CrossFit (situps, ouch), but I need them for long runs to             stash my strawberry Clif Shot Blocks.

2. You have to feel like a powerful and hot ROCKSTAR!

Here is my current go-to running outfit.  Both items are C9 from Target, aka super affordable!!

Style Athletics Target Workout Clothes C9 Pink Long SleeveStyle Athletics Target Workout Clothes C9 Pink Gray Sports BraStyle Athletics Target Workout Clothes C9 Black Leggings

If you haven't tried them in the past, the C9 sports bras are a great option, especially if you can catch them on sale for $14.99.  They come in a bunch of great colors!  You can find more items from Target here.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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