Saucony Women - Virtual Shopping

I'm baaaaaack!

This post all started with another trip to Marshall's where I found this awesomely cute number from Saucony which I just learned retails for $100... at the store, $50.  But at the time (a couple weeks ago) I thought that was too much for a running jacket.  Despite my love for lightweight jackets and unique designs, I chose to pass on it.  I'm slightly regretting it now, and I'm sure they are gone now.
Style Athletics Saucony Workout Clothes White Rainbow Polka Dot Jacket
Now that I am not the proud owner of the jacket, let's take a look at some of their other offerings.  Simple designs and they seem functional.  

While the overall line of Saucony is not my usual style, there are a couple of things I could go for!

Style Athletics Saucony Workout Clothes

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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