Super Bright Pink Lululemon Astro Pants

While these are certainly not as bright as the all hot pink Lululemon pants.  I think you have to be twig-like to pull those suckers off well.  Who wants all of their insecurities to show during a workout, when you are already vulnerable and yucky.  I can only imagine the sweat marks.

But enough with that tangent.  I do like hot pink, and I really love the line that Lulu came out with.  So I purchased (once again, safely from my computer where no one can tell me 'those look so good on you' and I get tricked into several pairs) one new pair of the Hot Pink 'Accented' Astro Pants!  I previously found a similar pair in a very pale pink and love the way they fit.

As always, love the pants, hate the price.

Style Athletics Lululemon Astro Pant Hot PinkStyle Athletics Lululemon Astro Pant Hot Pink

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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