Introducing the World's Smallest Street Tacos!

I ran out of time to make lunch this morning and figured I could find something reasonably healthy from Rubio's, logical-ish right? So I'm looking at the menu and calories and decide on two steak street tacos. Having had them from Wahoo's on many occasions, I figure that would be sufficient. Two tacos and the fruit I already had should be enough right?

Unfortunately I was unaware I was purchasing he smallest tacos I've ever seen... With chewy meat no less... I'm not entirely disappointed by the taste, but seriously.... you should put that they are MINI tacos!!! The calories are rather deceptive in that case. So sad, so hungry!

Note the picture is NOT from Rubio's and is from a cool website called I Heart Tacos
Style Athletics I Heart Tacos Street Tacos

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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