I've been bad! But I'm back! and Nike Lunarfly +3 Running Shoes

SOOOOOOO sorry for the absence!  I've been in the midst of a career change, and time has just gotten away from me.  But I'm back, and I promise not to stay gone so long ever again.

So with the new change, I don't get to wear workout clothes to work anymore, but since I'll get a little salary bump, I decided to check out my old favorite for some new items... Lululemon.  So of course, here are some of my new favorites....
STyle Athletics Lululemon
And PS, my Ragnar race is less than a week away!!  Oh geez!!!  I've been training in, and will run in my new-ish Nike Lunarfly +3's that I got on Amazon!  I highly suggest them, even if you are used to running in a minimalist shoe.  You need the padding for extra long runs.
Style Athletics Nike Lunarfly +3

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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