Pair of Lulus burning a hole in my pocket

Or the trunk of my car rather...  I'm severely annoyed at myself (that may be an extreme)...  Probably 3 months ago, I thought I was getting an excellent deal on a pair of Wunder Under crops on eBay.  The problem was, I apparently never read the description and just saw the size and picture of what 'appeared' to be a pair of black pants.  Well I received them in the mail only to find out that my $55 pair of brand new black Wunder Unders were in fact grey.

So what should I do with them now?  Well as I said this happened months ago.  I keep forgetting they are in may car and have yet to try them on!  I'm afraid to sweat through grey pants in a workout, but everyone keeps telling me they have a similar pair, and that they don't show sweat.  I need to try them on to even see if they are flattering... otherwise I suppose they are going back on eBay!


Jo StyleStyleathletics

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