Pink Glass Water Bottle

Well I never did get my Rive Glass Water Bottle for Christmas like I requested.  I have a ton of Takeya water bottles from back in the day (maybe a year ago?), but I want something a little more exciting.

On a recent shopping trip to Ross, I stumbled upon this little cutey for $5.99.  Not too bad!
Style Athletics Pink Glass Water BottleStyle Athletics Pink Glass Water Bottle

Style Athletics Pink Glass Water Bottle
Check your local discount stores to find a glass bottle for yourself!  Glass is much more sanitary, and there are fewer concerns about carcinogens like with plastic bottles.  Another bonus, you can put water, tea, juice, etc. in there and not worry about the container picking up flavors.  You will get a pure water taste! Above all, you get to help save the environment by not filling landfills with those little plastic suckers.

Find your Rive Bottle HERE.

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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