Victoria's Secrect New VSX Collection

Uh oh... I'm in trouble!  And so are you Lululemon, because Victoria's Secret is coming after you!!  The retailer is equally known for their feminine, flattering fits, and now they are stepping up their sporting game.  And damnit, if I didn't have to walk myself into one of the stores with a resident 'VSX Store' in it.  CRAP!

I was looking for the bathing suit section to get my annual 'motivation' suit* and they MADE me walk through the stupid sportswear section!  I was so surprised with amazing bright colors and cute styles... although I felt like I was in a Lulu store a bit.  Obviously not in a bad way though.  While I resisted buying any new major items this go around, I feel that I won't be able to do so for much longer.  The ONLY reason I actually made a purchase is because I was pleasantly surprised that they have re-stocked my favorite no-show underwear!!!

Basically the same as the Lulu 'girlshorts' these babies have the same cut and function but are 3/$30 versus the typical $18 of Lulu.  Regular price is only $12.50!  A much better bargain and still cute colors!

Anyway, I'm sure I'll be heading back soon, but here is a sampling for you.  If I hadn't already been shopping recently (pictures coming soon), I probably would have broken down...
Style Athletics Victoria's Secret VSX Collection Sports Bra Headband Pants
** The 'motivation suit' is a tradition I started a few years back... every year I purchase a new bathing suit before summer so I can give myself some extra motivation to hit the gym hard!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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