The Running Tunes

I think I've mentioned in the past that I like to listen to the LMFAO Pandora station, but my new found love for running is the 'David Guetta Radio' station!  It includes a lot of David Guetta, but also a ton of upbeat songs!

Some samplings:
'Turn Me On' - David Guetta and However you spell her first name Minaj (this is probably the only song of hers that I even like)
'World Hold On' - Bob Sinclair... you can't beat this as a running song!
'Ghosts N Stuff' - Deadmau5 (I'll explain below)
'Poker Face Remix' - Lady Gaga (Jody Den Broeder Remix)
'Sexy Bitch' - David Guetta... like you didn't know that!

There are some really dumb ones on there, but since I just started to listen to it, I'm working on my 'thumbs down' and kicking them off!  

So the story behind my relationship with Deadmau5... he's the one with the ginormously huge light-up mouse head that played a big role at the VMAs or Grammys or one of those shows last year (picture below).  I can't tell if I'm actually starting to like him on my own, or if it is from the memory of hearing the songs on a very fun trip in October... so hard to tell.  But I CAN tell you that I like it, and it makes for a great pacing song.  Upbeat and even tempo!  I doubt that is what he meant it for, but, it works! :)

Style Athletics Deadmau5 MusicStyle Athletics Deadmau5 Music
Check out the Deadmau5 website... link above. Picture on the left is straight from his website.

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