New Years Resolutions - Yes, No, Maybe a Balance?

It's finally 2012, and by that I mean, how is it ALREADY 2012??  Regardless, the new year is upon us and it brings up the annual question... did you make a new years resolution?

Personally I'm a bit mixed on the subject.  Actually I'm more on the 'con' side regarding the matter.  The only plus I see to resolutions is that you are setting a goal... and goals are good!  But let's be honest, you can set goals any old time right?  You can say, 'starting on Monday I'm not going to eat chocolate for a year.'  The major problem with resolutions is that we set too high of goals.  

I can't promise you I can do ANYTHING for a year straight... so what is the solution?

Setting mini-goals has always helped me out.  In addition, it may help to add in 'bonuses' for yourself.  Say you are trying to eat health, say strict Paleo.  If you make it for a full month, treat yourself to your favorite indulgent meal, or buy a new workout top.  Whatever your push needs to be, plan it out.  You will find that smaller steps in a bigger goal will make it seem less overwhelming.  How insane does it sound to say that I will eat strict Paleo for a year straight if you've never tried it before??*

The moral of the story is, stick with smaller steps to get to your final goal!!

** For those of you unfamiliar with Paleo, this means you can only eat meat, vegetables, fruit and nuts... no dairy, grains or legumes (beans).  AKA if you like pizza, pasta, ice cream, cheeseburgers, most mexican food, etc.... you are screwed. : )

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