Giveaway Time!!! - It was bound to happen...

I wanted to do a little giveaway action!  It's nothing major, just a few of my favorite things, and one item from my Etsy shop Bottled Blondes.  You have a few options to enter, so check below! Giveaway ends at 10pm PST January 29th!!

First off, you will get...
- Sports Chalet aluminum water bottle (with additional carabiner)
- Bath and Body Works 'Be Enchanted' body spray
- B&BW 'Be Enchanted' body lotion
- Altoids Smalls (because they are awesome to pop in before hitting the gym)
- Silver/Metallic nail polish (it's like jewelry for your nails)
- 1 Chocolate Chip Brownie Bar from Trader Joes (you'll be hooked!)
- Vanilla Muscle Milk chapstick (not pictured)
- and a Lululemon bag to carry it all in!
Style Athletics Giveaway Lululemon Sport Chalet Bath and Body Works Nail Polish
From my shop, this is one of the newer items and would look super fun in a white (or bright color) frame.  It has a black background and bright lace with blue, green, pink, red, yellow and more! 6" x 8"
Style Athletics Giveaway Bottled Blondes Lace ArtStyle Athletics Giveaway Bottled Blondes Lace Art

How to enter?
Follow Athletic_Divas on Twitter and comment that you have done so.
Extras (leave a separate comment for each that you do)
- Follow this blog!
- Tweet - I just entered to win an awesome giveaway by @Athletic_Divas and @Bottledblondes, head over to enter yourself!
- Go to Bottled Blondes and tell me which item you like best!
- Digg this older post - Women's Apparel Stepping Up Their Game

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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