Eating 'Paleo' - The new challenge : (

Oh dear lord.  It's time.

You have seen my mentions on the Paleo Diet probably several times.  As a 'CrossFitter' it is expected that I eat in this manner, and as such, I know a lot (a normal follower, not an expert) about how it goes.  I have tried to eat strict Paleo twice thus far... results?

1st timer: Lasted two weeks, felt like shite! (Apparently this is typically the case since you body is ridding itself of the bad stuff, but I didn't know that at the time)
2nd go around: Made it 3 whole months with minimal (usually alcohol or when eating out) slip ups.  Was the leanest I have been as a post-college adult.  Crashed and burned after making it to my goal of 'River Season' and ate McDonald's for two weeks straight (slightly exaggerated).

So what and why now?
My 'friends' as you would call them also happen to be my 'coaches' and have unfortunately signed me up for Ragnar Relay... which if you have no idea, is an insanely long team run essentially.  In reality I'm not going to be running any 'legs' longer than I can run already, but we are starting a full training program with additional workouts.  What does that mean?  I need more sleep and I need my body to be able to function properly... clean eating.

It's not very good timing that I'm currently having an aversion to most meats... and I don't know why!!

The Plan
Obviously I've had some trial and error on this whole Paleo business...  Clearly I need the overall 'goal' (Ragnar) and secondly I need to establish guidelines.  This time around, I think it's important that I not completely deprive myself of anything... (trust me you get weird cravings when you are starting out).  This was my major issue the first couple of times which is why I just completely jumped off the wagon.  So with some slight modifications, within reason of course, I think I can get this done!  For heavens sake, is a tiny bit of cheese going to derail my entire plan??  According to a recent article I read in FitnessRX for Women, adding in SOME dairy may actually help retain lean muscle.  So why not?

In addition, I need to be held accountable... so you are going to be my motivation and my coaches.  When you see something bad on my list of foods for the day (on the right hand side), call me out!!  Hopefully I didn't eat an entire package of cookies and in fact only ate one.  *fingers crossed*

If you want to join me, please share your food logs too!!  And by all means, I'm sure there is a Ragnar Relay going down in your neck of the woods this year too!!

Also, are there any Paleo related blogs that are easy reads  you suggest?  These are the ones I know about so far:
Everyday Paleo
My Paleo Life
Paleo Effect

And PS, today was definitely NOT the start day... because I definitely FAILED!

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