Working out on Vacation?

I wanted to take a quick poll to see how you ladies roll on vacation.  Please answer in the comments section and add in any of your two cents!

When on vacation, are your workout habits:

a) Non-Existant... I'm on vacation, hello!!
b) I try to workout but usually don't end up doing it.
c) It really depends on the type of vacation as to whether or not I get a workout in.
d) I would never miss a day!

I'm pretty sure I fall under 'C' because it really does depend.  I'm going out of town this weekend for a girls trip to go wine tasting... and I'm pretty sure no one will be working out.  If I was going snowboarding, I would obviously count the several hours on the mountain as a 'workout' and not do anything additional.  

I guess long story short, I usually try to include some fun active/athletic activities into my trip so I don't HAVE to do anything else.

Just a thought!  But what do YOU think?

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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