Women's Athletic Clothing Companies - Stepping Up Their Game!!

I imagine that many women are like me, having a love/hate relationship with Lululemon.  Love the clothes, hate the prices.  Regardless, whether or not you like Lululemon, you have to admit, their popularity has certainly pushed other companies to step it up big time!

Not only are their hundreds if not thousands of new athletic apparel lines popping up, but the classics are getting into the game too.  It is not uncommon to see Nike and Adidas using obscure lines and even bolder color choices.  'Unique' is the name of the game these days, and I couldn't appreciate it more!!  Why exactly did clothing companies not get it before... women are the ones who buy everything!!!

Throw some ruffles on it, add some stripes, put it in a happy color and call it a day!  Well don't put those all together... could be a little much.  But why for all of these years was the industry standard shapeless and colorless ensembles with little to no ingenuity.  Thanks to Lulu and the other leaders, women now expect their athletic apparel to be cute, comfortable, exciting and above all be functional and have a flattering fit.

This is why you see companies like Kyodan popping up with the same exact idea as Lululemon (thank you mystery company that I can't find anything on) and bringing it to us a reasonable price.

Yesterday I was at Marshalls (I know, shocker right?) looking for dress shoes (I promise!!) when I casually walked over to the athletic section (you COULD be missing the cutest outfit in the world if you don't).  I of course found a couple new Kyodan tops (got one, pictures coming later) and even bought an Avia top.  No offense to the company, but it's not something I would have likely considered in the past...

So thank you to Lulu for if nothing else, pushing the industry standard to something we can all be proud to wear in the gym!  And damn you for making me click on the 'What's New' tab on the website.... I think I'm in love...
Style Athletics Pink Lululemon Zipper Jacket Pleated

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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