What Did you Get for Christmas!?!

Anyone get anything good out there??

Well, I didn't get my iPad, but I'm thinking that I want to wait until the 3 comes out... rumored to be in March! But I did get some fun workoutish stuff!!

Style Athletics Black Nike TR Winter Black Workout Shoes Cross Trainer
Nike Free TR 'Winter' - They have a satin looking finish! Only available in Pink now.

Style Athletics Pink Tan Merrell Hiking Shoes
Merrell Hiking Shoes - Accents actually look pink, and they are super lightweight!

Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E. - May be too small, but could be a good size... it's a kids!

So excited! Burton Mittens with Liner - I've had the same gloves for years, and they were majorly falling apart!

So please share, what fun and exciting stuff did you get?!?!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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