Sparkle Nail Polish = Frustration

I made a quick comment on Twitter yesterday regarding sparkle nail polish and my rather large annoyance with the creation.  I'm sure anyone who has tried it before has had a similar experience....

You buy a color based on the way it looks in the bottle (hello, that's how we have to right?).  You go home and put on a layer only to have roughly 10 sparkles on each nail... HARDLY the way it looks in the bottle.  20 coats later, you MAYBE are half way to looking how it is supposed to.

Why can't anyone make a sparkle nail polish that only takes a couple coats to make it looks like solid sparkles? I suppose I could paint on clear, dunk my nails in glitter and call it a day, but I'm sure that wouldn't look very well.

Does anyone know of a brand out there that comes close to covering?  PLEASE let me know in the comment section!

Below is the cause of my frustrations... I even started with a gray base so there was a solid. I did probably 8 coats of polish and it still doesn't look like the friggin' bottle! At only $1.99 a bottle, I'm not too upset either way.
Style Athletics Sinful COlors Nail Polish Glitter......
Ok, so I just Googled the color to try to get a swatch to show you, and it looks like some nail bloggers have reviewed the same brand and color.... maybe it is just me that has issues applying sparkle!!

These people must have the secret...
My Awesome Beauty - I actually really like that she put it on top of fuchsia

No I'm not jealous or anything...  but I did get some good ideas!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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