Holiday Happenings

Life could PROBABLY be crazier right now... but I'm glad it's only 'crazy' and not impossible.  Between work, Christmas shopping, holiday parties and getting ready for the relatives on Christmas... I'm lucky I've even made it to the gym twice!  

Mentally (for me at least) it is important that I make it to the gym so I don't feel guilty about indulging during the holiday season.  This is one time of the year (among other holidays) where tradition trumps the health foods.  Sorry to those of you who choose to keep your healthy diet, but remember what they say... one meal can't derail you... unless you let it!

HAHHAHAHAHA  total side note here... I'm watching TV and the most ridiculous commercial just came on for an equally ridiculous product... has anyone heard of 'The Rack'?  I've never heard of it before this moment, let alone see it.  How can something that looks like an old folks walker help you 'get ripped with The Rack'?

I'm dying right now... you gotta check this out.  What do you think, think it works?

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