Get Your Butt to MARSHALL'S!!

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for the AD in your life (or maybe just yourself, haha), you should head on over to Marshall's ASAP!!  They have so much cute stuff right now, and even more 'extras'!

They have tons of brands right now, not to mention all of the styles... pants, crops, tanks, sports bras, long sleeve and sweatshirts.  Brands right now include:
- Kyodan (my personal favorite, AKA Lululemon copy cat)
- Calvin Klein
- Avia
- New Balance
- Nike
- Reebok
- Climawear
- Under Armour
and I can't even think of the rest!!!  This doesn't even include the super cute and comfy sweaters you can find in the regular sections!

Other Fun Stuff
- Kettlebells
- Workout balls (the big ones)
- Shake Weight (KIDDING!!)
- Workout DVDs
- Music Players
- Beanies
- Cute towels for sweat!
- Water Bottles

Seriously, get there as soon as you can... I had to resist buying EVERYTHING!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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