Best PJ's EVER - For a Cozy Nights Sleep

This is slightly off topic, but still every Athletic Diva needs a good nights rest as we talked about last week.  So what is wrong with a cute little number that is fun and funky??

While strolling through Target, I (nearly) passed by this awesome skull and bones thermal set.

How much do you think it cost me?  $10!!  They are little boys Cheeroke brand and surprisingly fit amazingly and unlike most thermals, are slimming!  I'm a normal size 5'7"ish (I feel like I've grown, who knows) so you will still be able to fit in them!

Everyone should go out and get a pair for those nights when you just need something cozy!
Style Athletics Cheeroke Target Skull Bones Thermal Pajamas PJs
Not into skulls and bones?  No worries, they come in other colors!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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