Workout Wednesday - Hula Hooping?

Style Athletics Mini Mania Hoopnotica Hula Hoop Workout
Hoopnotica's Mini Mania Deluxe Hoop Kit

For this week's workout, I had decided to go out in search of a good Hula Hoop workout.  I have to admit, I've been curious about the concept since finding the hula hoops on my Virtual Shopping post for Etsy.  I was always good at hula hooping as a child, so I thought, hey I might actually be good at this right?

I have to say, I'm still rather confused about the whole thing.  It appears that some workouts are either easy (sorry) or are just dancing with the added distraction of the hoop?  For those of you who aren't exactly coordinated enough to dance as it is, I'd be very interested in watching you try these workouts.  I know there are videos out there, but I was really hoping to find a defined workout to give to people?

Sooo if someone out there can explain this whole business to me, or better yet, wants to get me a starter kit to try, I'd be eternally grateful!  It looks like a lot of fun. :(  The minis look even more exciting, I mean what is more challenging than a single hula hoop? Two of course!

Meanwhile, here is a video from one of the bigger names in hula hooping, Hoopnotica

And one from YouTube user Hoopcharmed:

You can also find hula hoops over at HoopgirlRadiant Hoops or even smaller companies like Water Moon Hula.  See if you can find a maker in your local area.

P.S. people in videos... when you say 'hooping' without the 'hula' it sounds a little too similar to a word starting with a 'P' if you get my drift... Just thought I should share?

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