Workout Wednesday - Death By... 10 Meters

Yes, this workout really is called 'Death By' and no you won't die!  A 'Death By' workout can be applied to virtually anything... pushups, pull ups, squats, kettlebell swings, and for today, 10 meter sprints.

So how do we go about this torturous silly sounding workout?

First things first, start out with a warm up and stretching if need be.  If possible, set out cones in a straight line at every 10 meters, if not, make sure you have a friend who can be a marker.

Death By 10 Meters

With a constantly running clock, every minute on the minute, run 10 meters, increasing by 10 meters each time.  Therefore:

Minute 1 - 10 Meters
Minute 2 - 20 Meters
Minute 3 - 30 Meters
Minute 4 - 40 Meters
Minute 5 - 50 Meters
.... and so on....

Once you can no longer finish the right amount of meters in the minute, you are done.  For example, if you are on minute 12 and cannot finish a 120 meter sprint, you will be done.

Sounds easy enough right?  Trust me, it is a lot more challenging that it sounds.

How far can you get? : ) 

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