Shopping Bag - I had another Lulu 'Accident'

Ooopsies!  So I pulled a silly move and went to Lululemon, just to 'look' and we all know what happens when you do that.  It's really not possible.  So yes, I had an 'accident'!

Below are the three things I purchased on this most recent trip... pants, top and underwear.

Lululemon Run Inspire Crop II in all black

 Lululemon Cool Racerback in 'Heathered Smoky Rose' (this is such a flattering shade of pink, AND it is reversible with purple thread that shows only on one side)
Style Athletics Lululemon Workout Heathered Smoky Rose Tank TopStyle Athletics Lululemon Workout Heathered Smoky Rose Tank Top

... and what would an outfit be without underwear?  Lululemon Smooth Moves Girlshort in Grapeseed, aka light purple.
Style Athletics Lululemon Workout Underwear Girl Shorts No Show Laser Cut

I wasn't too naughty right?  Everyone buys themselves a little Thanksgiving present right? No? Hmmm, oh well!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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