Beauty Sleep - So Important!

In another harsh reality of life, I had a rude awakening (yet again, and rather literally) as to how important your eight hours of sleep really are.  Burning the candle at both ends will only get you so far, and may in fact set you back.

Nothing life altering happened, went out with new and old friends last night and had to get up way too early to get stuff done.  5 or 6 hours of sleep just don't cut it, especially when you were already physically exhausted from a week at the gym and work... oh and dealing with relatives during the holidays.  I spent the entire day moving slow and just feeling lethargic.  It is actually amazing I'm even awake right now. 

We of course have all heard that sleep is important to your health and weight management, but we all take it for granted every once in a while.

So here is you friendly reminder, get some ZZZZ's! 

Nighty night!

Jo StyleStyleathletics

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