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While this type of post will from now on appear on Wednesday, here is one of my favorite workouts from CrossFit.  I probably like it because, well it only consists of two movements, ones I'm actually good at for a change.  I'll break down the hows and the whys with a little video assist from YouTube and the awesome CrossFits that have posted their videos around the country. Hope they don't mind : )

The Workout
Double Unders
Ab-Mat Sit Ups

In non CrossFit speak, you will be doing 50 double unders (DU), 50 sit ups (SU), 40 DU, 40 SU, 30 DU, 30 SU, 20 DU, 20 SU, 10 DU, 10 SU as fast as humanly possible!  But don't forget your form... we don't want any injuries.

Double Unders
So what is  double under?  A double under is simply a jump rope repetition where the rope goes around twice for each jump.  For a little instruction I headed to YouTube and Chris Spealler, owner at CrossFit Park City, not to mention one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world.  My personal tip is if you cannot get double unders, try to teach your self a pattern of single double single double.  It will teach you how to control the rope and eventually you can forget those singles! 

Ab-Mat Sit Ups
The main thing to remember is that your shoulders must touch the ground at the bottom, and your hands must touch your feet with legs in a 'butterfly' position.

What should it look like?  Check out a video of the full workout below.  Happy jumping!

Video from CrossFit Fury in AZ

The best part about this workout?  You can take it anywhere!  If you travel a lot, I recommend that you memorize this, park a jump rope and head outside!  Outside is key, trust me, your hotel neighbors will appreciate the gesture.

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