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You will begin to see the virtual shopping posts popping up on a regular basis.  Basically, I will on online and  scour the 'virtual racks' to find all of those pretty things that I really want... and if I had a bottomless supply of cash I would now be the owner of.  The themes will change... tops, jackets, bras, headbands, shoes and you name it!  Have any suggestions?  Please comment and let me know!

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Lucy, Adidas and New Balance
Todays selection was a little bit of a surprise even to myself.  I have been doing a lot of my shopping at Lululemon and Marshalls at least as far as my workout clothes (and a little work clothes) go.  Obviously Lulu only carries Lulu, but Marshalls carries a multitude of my other favorites.  I'll get to other items actually purchased on a later post, but here are some of the ones I found.

I had never been to Lucy until about 4 months ago.  They are probably the most similar to Lululemon in terms of price, style and fit.  They are very generous in their sizes, and may even run a tad bit 'big' aka if you usually wear medium, you'll probably be able to pull off a small.  Cute basics are available, and the pants fit really well.  Lucy really likes the 'unique back' look on their tops.

As a former competitive tennis player, you better believe I lived in Adidas.  Baricades were the only shoes I ever wore on the court.  Over the last few years, I haven't found as many clothes, but have had some nice finds at Marshalls.  I'm highly obsessed with the white and pink tank above, but I'm super bummed because my workouts do not lend well to wearing white.... but we may just have to ignore that :)

New Balance 
On a visit to Marshalls several months ago, I was shocked to discover the New Balance Tennis line.  They never had one when I actually played (hello bitterness).  I bought two super cute and unique tops... story to come.  Anywho, it appears they are stepping up their game (pun intended?) with different looks and styles.  Props to you New Balance.

One thing I'm enjoying about just about all brands is that they are finally realizing the importance of unique and fun looking workout clothes. The backs definitely have it.  The cut outs, the designs and shapes, the criss-cross backs and everything in between!  I just love it!!

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